Devils will Cry

All Men Must Die

Inside the Dark Chasm hangs an ominous unnatural darkness. Even with torchlight, the brightness could not reach the edges of the caves. The group gathers their belongings and begins to make the long trek with Datimus tracking and following some footsteps he found, hoping that they would lead them back to the top of the chasm. Many rock formations could be seen and the stalagmites and overhanging stalactites made for a tight fit on more than one occasion for the adventurers.

Before long, Datimus leads the group to a waterfall. The group splits up at this junction with Kirzul and Hero heading through the center of the room, while the others, comprised of Monmuth, Datimus and Pixby, investigate the back of the waterfall. Datimus deftly sneaks up ahead to see if there is anything suspicious behind the waterfall and finds a sleeping human. He appears to be an older man wearing mystical robes. His belongings fit neatly in a backpack nestled between his head and the ground. Datimus wakes the man up and find that his name is Malachai. Nobody knows how long he has been down there – not even himself! Nonetheless, Malachai agrees to join the group.

Not too far up ahead, a group of bloody skeletons can be seen. The skeletons, which are aware of the adventurers, attack. Malachai demonstrates strong magical ability and sends forth a spray of fire from his fingertips, which scorches and chars 2 of the 6 skeletons. The adventurers manage to finish off the rest of the bloody skeletons. At the end of the fight, they realize that the unburned skeletons appear to be reforming and the group decides to set them ablaze with their torch straight away. During the fight, however, Monmuth spots skink and runs headlong after it, disappearing into the darkness. Datimus picks up his trail and the group attempts to find their friend.

Traveling for many more miles inside the dark chasm, the group tries to find Monmuth but to no avail. They instead run into the skeletal remains of Lester Silverpan. On his body, they find only a necklace with a small skull key attached. After looking over the body, they can see that he may have fallen to his death some 15 plus years ago and the adventurers all look up to see where he may have fallen from. Datimus, with his keen eye, is barely able to spot small handholds for him to climb up. Datimus tries to climb up the wall, but it appears that it may be too difficult for him to master. Luckily, Malachai was able to telekinetically transport Datimus up the wall and up to a small crevice where Lester may have fallen off from. Inside the small crevice, it appears that Lester had no plans of leaving any time soon. A small camp was still laid out as he never packed up his belongings. Even an old campfire with the remains of what may have been rabbit stew was still in the pot. Datimus finds Lester’s Accuracy bow and slings it over his shoulder. He does some further detective work around the small camp spot and discovers that perhaps Lester was pushed to his death by another person but, alas, nothing more could be discerned. Not finding anything else of use, Datimus begins his descent back down but critically fails. Nearly falling to his death, Datimus is saved by Malachai’s feather fall spell. Without any further injuries being caused by this detour, the group sets off to try to find Monmuth.

Traveling through the Dark Chasm, it seems to take many hours when, in truth, perhaps only a couple of hours had passed. The group happens upon a dead end where a large black boulder resides. Walking closer however, the head of the “boulder” arises. In fact, it is not a large boulder but an extremely large black dragon named Valar’Morghulis . The terrifying black dragon accuses the adventurers of defiling his brethren and wants them to die. The dragon screams mightily and rocks begin to fall atop the heads of the adventurers. Dodging away, the group tries to make for safety. All make it except for Malachai who dives towards the dragon. The wizard and the mighty black dragon duel it out in an epic battle. The dragon breathes his horrifying acid breath while the wizard casts his most deadly spells at the winged creature. In the end, the black dragon proves too much for Malachai. With a final snap of his wand, Malachai manages to cause the black dragon to suffer and retain all of his wounds from the fight. Badly hurt, the dragon smashes through a wall and makes his escape, while the last of the acid and boulders appear to fall upon Malachai’s shattered body.

An elf in the shadows frantically waves the other adventurers over and into a small cavern safe from all of the falling rocks. Inside the small cavern, it is just high enough from floor to ceiling to barely stand. Darken introduces himself to the group and joins the other adventurers to try to get back to the surface. With seemingly no way out, Datimus spots a small “vent” in which they could roll through. However the roll through would be an extremely treacherous one as the hot steam periodically blows through openings along the sides of the small vent. With no other choice, the group rolls through. Only one of the adventurers suffers some burns to his sides, but for the most part everybody seems unscathed.

On the other side, Darken being the first to go through, is awed by what he sees. It is a statue holding green flames surrounded by 4 tall skinny monoliths. It is facing sideways and yet on the side of its face, a red eye stares deeply into the souls of the companions. The statue speaks to the adventurers and decides to give them a few tests before he would allow them to pass him. First, he requests to be convinced by one of the adventurers about why they should be allowed through. In the end, Kirzul manages to amuse the statue by declaring one of the adventurers a God. The second test would be a test of skill and mind. Only one of the three paths presented to the adventurers would be safe. The first path had many holes dotted along the floor, sides and ceiling. The second path would be a zig zagging small bridge over a large precipice. The third would be a completely clear looking path to the other side. Not deciding long, Hero goes down the completely clear path and nothing happens to him. Darken, seeing this, decides that he, too, will follow suit. However, this time a small blade appears to reach out at him as it barely nicks him on the arm. The others see this and are spooked and divert their attention to the center bridge path. Datimus tries to balance his way across only to critically fail and slip off the bridge and fall to his bleeding unconsciousness. Thankfully, the statue places Datimus’ body on the other side and Darken stops the bleeding. Kirzul and Pixby also try to go through the center bridge tied together by a rope. However, after seeing Datimus fall seemingly to his doom, the distracted Pixby critically fails her balance, as well and apparently the rope was not tied well enough around her waist, and she falls off. Again, thankfully, she is placed on the other end near the others where her bleeding is promptly stopped by the others.

With everyone on the other side, Kirzul expends the last of his healing spells and brings everybody back into consciousness. The statue’s final test would be a test of mettle. On the other side of the room, the statue orders that only one of them try to knock off the head of an orc from atop the pedestal in which it stands. Weerily, Datimus steps up with his bow drawn and fires his arrow. The arrow flies true and knocks the head off with a single shot and the statue is pleased and allows the group to pass.

Sometime later, the adventurers come upon 2 orcs, who appear to be digging up ancient bones from the ground. Near them, a metal cart on rails is being loaded up by 2 other orcs with the bones. Darken tries to sneak up to backstab one of them but blunders and trips on a bone on the ground. Upon seeing this, Kirzul charges into combat. Datimus, with his fierce hatred for evil orcs, promptly snipes one dead with his arrow. Immediately, the 2 orcs surround Kirzul while the other tries to strike Darken down. Unfortunately for them, the party had other ideas and was able to cut them all down with quick ease. The mine cart begins to pull away at this point and Darken being one of the closest persons to the cart dives and tries to stop it. However, being pulled by a chain, it is difficult to stop. Darken first tries the bones but to no avail. Next, he tries his crowbar. In a last minute attempt, he is able to temporarily stop it with an iron spike that he had in his backpack. Rummaging quickly through the mine cart, the group sees that there isn’t anything necessarily important among the bones and allows the cart to move through the small hole just large enough to allow the cart to pass. The adventurers head along the path where they can see the mine cart moving over a huge magma river. A large number of Drekken work to pull the cart in where they promptly unload all of the bones by hand on a platform on the other side. The adventures wonder for a bit what they could be doing with the bones but not being able to do much, they continue their trek through the Dark Chasm.

A bit of time later, the adventures spot a pool highlighted and lit by a bright blue hue. Looking into the pool, Datimus and Kirzul only see mirror-like reflections of themselves within it. Hero drinks from the water hoping to refresh some of the wounds he had suffered but to no avail. Undaunted, he submerges his body into the water, hoping for a more refreshing cleansing of his wounds but again nothing happens. Hero begins to examine the bottom of the pool and dives deeply in. Unexpectedly, he sees that there is something small at the bottom of the pool and tries to swim to it. Unfortunately, the currents are slightly too much for him and is unable to try. Datimus is informed of what could be down there and he too tries to swim down to retrieve it. However, the current had become too much as if the pool had begun to protect the treasure. Thwarted, the group gives up on it.

As they continue their travels, they find that they appear to be near the top of the Dark Chasm by the platform seen just earlier. There, the adventures could still see many Drekken dutifully working to gather bones from the cart and arranging them onto an altar. Other Drekken appear to be performing some type of blood ritual where the bones were being soaked by blood from the jugs they are holding. Also on the platform, they could see Monmuth in chains being led away by other Drekken. Deverlain and The Sentinel could also be seen having a heated argument with a rather large burly human. The human suddenly strikes out against The Sentinel and kills him. Deverlain immediately goes to action but is easily overwhelmed by the unknown human and the other Drekken and gets captured. Hero charges in upon seeing all of this and the Human snidely allows a one-on-one duel between the 2 combatants and tells the rest of the Drekken to escort Deverlain away.

Hero goes into a primal rage as he slices at the human who deftly dodges the attack. The human, who is wielding a lone longsword, easily gives a large cut to Hero’s abdomen. Again, Hero tries his best to wound the human warrior but is easily turned away by his opponent’s longsword, which gives a gusher to Hero’s thigh. Hero makes one final attempt to hurt his enemy but is quickly defended and turned around by the Human and is held in place with a blade to his neck. The others tried to rush to Hero’s aid but upon seeing this are stopped in their tracks. The adventurers vaguely recognize the human as the same person who gave them the message to bring to the Sentinel in the first place.

Krastor introduces himself and thanks the adventurers for carrying out his nefarious plans. The message was to induce The Sentinel to attack the strange shadowy creatures mentioned before to help destroy the army at the Ramparts. With the Sentinel dead and with no defenses to stop the evil creatures from pouring in from the foul lands of Langenfirth, the whole continent in the south was now in jeopardy. Krastor was about to finish off the battle-weary group beginning with Hero until the black dragon from earlier crashes through one of the walls and lands in between the group and Krastor.

Scared away by the dragon, Krastor kicks Hero away and runs out of the Dark Chasm leaving the group to deal with the beast. The dragon is about to make mincemeat out of the adventurers’ bodies until he realizes just how much damage Malachai had inflicted upon him. Unable to breathe his acid breath at the group, he instead swipes and claws at Hero into unconsciousness. The others valiantly attack with what little energy they have left until another wyvern-like looking creature swoops in and grabs the attention of the Black Dragon. The black dragon sees the flying creature and immediately withdraws from the adventurers to try to catch it. Not missing their opportunity the group hurries out of the Dark Chasm that is raining rocks and spewing dust everywhere.

At the top, the battered and bruised team can see the dragon continue its chase far into the distance. With the dawn coming about, the adventurers turn their eyes towards the capital of Shard as they vow to make Krastor pay for his misdeeds.



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