Devils will Cry

Il Postino (The Postman)

Messengers were summoned to the capital of Shard and among them were a group of 4 adventurers awaiting their assignment. Kirzul, Pixby, Hero and Datimus got acquainted with one another before finally receiving a sealed letter from the Sultan of Shard. They were told to take the letter to the dark chasm in the southernmost part of the land. There, they were to seek out the captain of the ramparts named The Sentinel. And so they set forth.

It took many days and nights for them to arrive at the dark chasm. Upon arrival, they looked down and noticed two distinct roads leading into the maw of the jagged opening of the Dark Chasm. Not wanting to chance the steeper looking trail, they progressed on the smoother trail leading down deeper into the chasm. High above them, however, the group noticed 3 birds circling high above their heads. Unfortunately, the birds were much too high for the passengers to discern any information about them.

Traveling deeper, Hero nearly tripped over what looked to be a corner of a shiny strongbox lodged in the ground. After nearly losing his fingers, he finally dislodged the strongbox from its earthy confines and opened it. Within it were 4 unkempt vials of clear liquids stoppered by some very old looking wooden corks. Thankfully Pixby knew the identify spell and was able to find out that they were minor healing potions. Happily, the adventures each took one before continuing deeper into the chasm.

Suddenly, a crossbow bolt flew from the darkness and just barely missed Datimus, who was at the back of the group. A voice shouted out to them and asked who they were. After exchanging some back and forth with the strange voice, they begin to hear marching feet coming toward them. Finally, Kirzul let the other group know that they were messengers sent by the Sultan with a sealed letter to bring to them. Now within sight of each other, the 6 well-armored soldiers revealed themselves in the light. A large Half Troll-welcomed them and introduced himself as the Sentinel.

The group was then led into the ramparts by the Sentinel. The ramparts were an impressive stronghold made on the backs of many dwarves, no doubt. Rock walls carved with arrow slits surround the gate opening. Entering through the gate, the group saw an impressive tapestry denoting the grand victories the defense of the ramparts held. Polished granite surfaces glimmered in the torchlight leading deeper into the structure. Arriving in the grand mess hall, the Sentinel asked for the sealed letter and instructed the group to eat and to rest there for the night. Kirzul handed the Sentinel the letter. As the Sentinel read it, he shot nervous glances back and forth between the parchment and the 4 adventurers standing nearby.

Excusing himself, the Sentinel turned and allowed the adventures to feast. Datimus tried to track the Sentinel but to no avail. However, with the smell of roast pork and ale awaiting them, the adventures wasted no time in grabbing what they could before more soldiers arrived. Trying to extract more information about what was going on throughout the Dark Chasm, and to gain better understanding of the unease the Sentinel felt upon reading the letter, the adventurers began inquiring within the ranks to see if they could divulge any information. Not coming up with anything useful and with mealtime ending, the group was then led to their temporary quarters for the night.

Sneaking about in the darkness, the inquisitive group tried to get a sense of their location about the ramparts. After finding nothing but the forge room for the dwarves, the adventures headed to bed.

After a few hours of rest, the adventurers awoke to the sound of panicked soldiers stomping through the hallways. Alarmed, the adventurers geared up and headed toward the back of the ramparts where they saw the other soldiers going. Deeper into the depths of the ramparts they went until they ended up at an area where the chasm wall opened up into a large area where a small river of magma flowed through. A massive spiral rock staircase descended into the floor of the area and the adventurers were able to see that at the bottom, a large battle had begun between the soldiers and dark shadowy blurred creatures.

Undaunted, the adventurers scrambled down the spiral staircase into the action. They were able to see that the Sentinel was leading the fight and was slaying one shadowy creature after another that dared stand in his path. The adventurers themselves quickly found a foul creature nearby. Hero laid the final blow of the battle, taking it down in a bloody splatter. Unfortunately, their celebration of battle victory was short-lived as they began to look around and saw that the overall battle was beginning to look grim for the defenders. One after another, the soldiers fell. Sounding the retreat, they scrambled up the crumbling rock spiral staircase. The adventurers saw that the Sentinel was still out in the battlefield surrounded by the foul shadowy creatures.

Calling out to the Sentinel, the adventures’ words of warning were either not heard or unheeded as the last thing they saw was the Sentinel becoming overwhelmed and overtaken. Turning and running up the stairs, the adventurers were then met by a larger shadowy creature. After taking a few blows, mostly to the Barbarian, the group was able to take the creature down and find a small ceremonial dagger on the dead body. Bodies of the fallen lined the path up the staircase. The group finally made it to the top, only to be horrified to find a massive shadowy lizard with 4 arms blocking their escape. With little choice, the group stepped into the frey. However, they were no match for the creature, and the lizard easily captured every one of them. Mockingly, the lizard thrust the sealed letter that they had brought to the Sentinel and forced them to read it.

“Kill those fools!” was the last thing the adventurers read before blacking out.



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