Devils will Cry

Let the games begin

Blinking back the darkness, Hero awakes to a snapping sound. It is a half-Orc in his metal cell breaking his makeshift lockpick on the lock of their cell. The half-Orc speaks briefly with Hero and introduces himself as Monmuth. Hero notices on the stand nearby that there is a small chest resting on top of it. Opening it, he notices that it holds a note. Since he is illiterate, he asks Monmuth to read it. The note is from their captor and it says that the 2 must fight till the death as the captor will only allow one of them his freedom. Monmuth acts quickly and tries to get the jump on Hero. After some fierce wrestling, Monmuth grabs the advantage and tries to choke Hero to death. On the ground, Hero notices a key dangling high above them and tries to get his attacker to see this. However, Monmuth has the advantage and will not relent. After suffering much damage, somehow Hero manages to break the hold and turn the tide and manages to get Monmuth to see that there is indeed a key high overhead. Once enemies, they now help each other and pluck the key from the air and open the door to their cell.

Datimus is in no better position when he awakes. There is a toilet, bathtub and a body lying on the floor of his cell. Looking around some more, he notices that the door to his cell is wide open. Trying to make his way to the door, he doesn’t notice the chain shackles on his leg and nearly trips over himself. He searches the Elven body on the ground and sees that he’s holding a saw in one hand and in the other, a note. After prying the saw from the Elf, he grabs the note and reads it. The note informs Datimus that the door to his cell will close soon if he doesn’t find the key to his cell hidden somewhere inside. A clicking sound can be heard once Datimus finishes reading the note. Frantically, Datimus checks the toilet for the key and receives a nasty shock. He turns to again search the Elven body in hopes of perhaps missing the key. At this moment, the Elf wakes up and pushes Datimus away. Datimus tries to explain the situation and asks to check the Elf for the key. He pats around on his body and notices that there is some sort of incision made on his belly. Datimus suggests that perhaps the key is inside the Elf. However, the Elf points out to Datimus that he too has the same incision on his belly. Datimus feels at his own incision and not believing that the key could be inside either of them decides to check the bathtub for the key. However, the Elf looking extremely ill begins to throw up filth and bile. Datimus checks the Elf to see if he’s alright but the Elf is now suspicious of Datimus and blames him for doing something to the Elf. Stumbling toward Datimus, the Elf’s belly begins to grotesquely bloat in size and explodes his insides all over Datimus. Datimus gets a vile disease from this but now the key should be somewhere on the ground. The door begins to close and the clicking noise is faster than Datimus’ heartbeat. Finally, he finds the key among all of the blood and vile on the ground and unlocks himself from his shackles and jumps out just as the door closes.

“Woosh –woosh”. The sound of something swinging can be heard overhead as Kirzul awakes from unconsciousness. On the ceiling he sees a painting of what looks to be Father-time holding the very real dangling swinging axe from his hands. Trying to rise up, Kirzul immediately notices that his legs, body and his right arm are tied to a wooden table. His left arm is, however, free from the binding. Near his left arm lies a bowl of meat on top of a small stand and a note. Taking the note and reading it, he finds out that he only has a very small amount of time to get out of his binds or have his life cut short by the axe. At this moment the axe begins to lower down slowly toward the belly of its victim. Kirzul, looking around the room, tries to see if there are any alternative ways out. He sees a bunch of rats scurrying about the room. Pulling at his binds seems to work; however, at the rate in which he can pull the binds off, the axe will have already reached its intended target. Thinking quickly, he grabs the meat on the stand and tries to attract the rats to him. Spreading the meat on his rope bindings, he sees that the rats are chewing away at the binds and are working to free him. As soon as his right arm is free, he grabs one of the rats and tries to use its teeth to cut the rest of his binds off. The axe has gotten so low that it actually gives Kirzul a small cut to his midsection. Franticall,y he cuts off the last of his bindings and jumps off of the table just in time to see the axe cut the empty table in half and retract back up to the ceiling. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he sees that there is no lock on the door and heads out of his cell.

Pixby awakes to see that she, too, is in a metal cell. Surrounding her are a painting of dogs playing in a garden mounted on the wall, a bookcase full of books, a large chest in one corner, as well as a pile of bones in the other. In the room, there are bits of tattered clothes and bones strewn about as Pixby finds her note. Opening the note, she finds that there is a key already inside of it. The note informs her that she must find the lock in which the key goes to before the impending gas fills the room and kills her. At this moment, loud hissing noises can be heard as poisonous green gas fills up the room. Thinking that there must be a secret door somewhere she looks immediately behind the painting. Finding nothing, she checks the pile of bones hoping that it may be hiding under them. Not finding anything under the pile of bones, she unlocks the chest and looks into a very empty box. After seeing the empty box, she checks the bookcase but begins hacking and coughing as the gas begins to fill her lungs. Desperately, she checks the chest again but this time jumps into it and inspects the bottom of it. Upon diving in, the top closes in on her and now she finds that she is trapped within it. To her surprise, none of the gas seeps into the chest. After no longer hearing the hissing sound for quite some time, she crawls out of the chest and finds that the door is open for her to get out.

The 4 adventurers and Monmuth see each other as they seemingly simultaneously leave their cells. Exchanging their horror stories, they laugh at each other’s horrific tales. Checking the other cells, they find a dwarf sitting alone in his cell with the dead body of a foul creature underneath the bottom of his boots. The dwarf seemingly has lost all hope and, at first, doesn’t want to join the group. However, Pixby was able to utilize her charm and was able to talk the Dwarf into coming with them. He introduces himself as Deverlain and Kirzul notices that he is of the Cleric class. After some inquiries by the group, Deverlain joins the party and the group heads toward the only exit from the cell room. Going through the door, they see dead bodies lying on top of rock slabs wearing their gear. Some foreshadowing as the ones wearing their gear are of the same race and height as the adventurers. One thing that Hero notices is that there are small channels running from the rock slabs and even from the cells leading toward the exit. Thinking that the blood of the fallen may be providing some sort of provision to an unknown entity, he decides to stopper up the blood in the channels by blocking it with tattered clothing found around the room.

Nearing the door they can hear screaming from the other side of it. Monmuth and Hero lead the way and kicks through the door. Directly in front of the group is a rock wall where the channels go under. To the left and through to the right where there is a long hallway are the only 2 directions the group can go. A Drekken – Skra’lar is dragging a prisoner down the left side of the hallway. Hero lets out a guttural scream, enrages and charges down after the large lizard-like creature. The Skra’lar seeing this immediately guts the prisoner dead with his longsword and meets Hero head on. Hero’s unyielding pace offers up a heavy slash across the body of the Skra’Lar and is quickly finished off by the rest of the group. Near the slain Skra’Lar, there is a door on the left. However, instead of going in, the group decides to check out the other end of the hallway.

In this direction, there is another door on the right and directly ahead of them from top to bottom metal bars are blocking their way into a very small room. Behind the bars they can see a gargoyle looking statue holding a bowl with an inscription that is too far for them to read from the distance they are at. Already at that end, they open up the door and see a Drekken – Kroxx pulling the handle to a hanging station where 3 people are tied up and are about to be hung by the neck. The first prisoner falls as the Kroxx notices the group and tears off a stalagmite nearby to use as a weapon before charging the group. Hero, wanting to save one of the prisoners, darts by the Kroxx and tries to make his way toward the hangman’s stand. The blow from the Kroxx is quite a mighty one as Hero takes a huge hit. Undaunted, he does manage to make it to one of the prisoners, but his hold critically fails and the person slips through his grasp and falls to her death. Meanwhile, the rest of the group is fighting this huge hulking lizard, who is more crocodile-looking than anything else. After many bumps and bruises created by the Kroxx, the group manages to take it down and win the day. Searching around, they find some coins and a much useful potion that will guarantee the drinker a critical strike to the weakest point of their enemy’s body.

Going back down the hall they enter the last room on the left. Inside, an altar awaits with a motionless shadowy figure standing over a body looking as if it were to strike. Kirzul casts light upon the altar and the group discovers that the shadowy figure is indeed a statue and nothing more and so they pile into the room. Searching around and coming up with nothing, the group notices that the statue is holding nothing in its hands. Taking out the ceremonial dagger found from before, Hero inserts it into the statue’s hands and suddenly the statue takes the dagger in its hands and makes a downward striking motion into the body lying on the altar. A rumbling sound can be heard from the far wall as it opens up to reveal scale armor. The group decides that Hero should wear the scale mail and moves back into the hall. Interestingly at the other end of the hallway the bars appear to be gone and now the group can approach the gargoyle statue. The inscription asks for a sacrifice of flesh and blood and the group complies. Deverlain at this point reveals that this is the reason why he had been stuck there for so long since he could not make any offers to an evil deity. After each of the group members offers a bit of themselves to the gargoyle bowl, another way out is revealed at the center of the hallway.

Heading in, they are met by 4 Drekken – Skink lizards who, upon seeing the group, separately head out to each corner of the room and turn a wheel. Lifting up a veil in the center of the room, the group realizes that the blood in all of the channels have been leading into and filling up this pit. Within this pit, an evil minor demon awaits the adventures and introduces himself. “I am Az’Radah”, it proclaims. The group scrambles into action as the evil demon screams and paralyzes Monmuth, Kirzul and Datimus. Not wasting any time, Deverlain casts a spell and reveals all of the invisible things inside of the room. Along the sides of the room, they see many bodies hanging on the walls bleeding to death. Among them was the Sentinel, who Kirzul is able to see with his deathwatch spell that he was still just barely alive. The first blow goes the way of Hero, who lashes out at the bandages wrapped around Az’Radah. The 4 skinks begin to close in on the adventures after finishing their task. Then, a fireball spat from the eye of Az’Radah strikes into the center of the group, Datimus and Kirzul are among those getting scorched. Throughout the battle, Deverlain works to remove the paralysis from the party members until Az’Radah manages to place fear into his mind and take him out of the fight. One by one the skinks fall to the blows of all of the adventurers. With the help of Kirzul’s healing spells, Datimus’ arrows and Pixby’s elemental rays, and the potion that would guarantee Hero a critical strike, the adventurers are able to lay waste to Az’Radah’s body. However, he is not so easily defeated and “melts” into the pool of blood, all the while vowing revenge against the group. Deverlain quickly rushes over and heals up the Sentinel and apologizes to the rest of the group as he can take only one person with him. Throwing something down on the ground and into a puff of smoke, Deverlain and the Sentinel vanish out of the dungeon.

Much to the delight of the adventurers, however, they emerge out of the blood room and into a small treasure room where they split up the goodies and restore their lost health at the small fountain found in the center of the room. Upon touching the fountain, it is revealed that they are actually at the bottom of the Dark Chasm. Though they are able to survive Az’Radah, the group knows that they still need to make the long treacherous journey back to the top.



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