Brief story so far…

Many years ago, heroes were sent into the Underworld to stop hell on Earth. Indeed they were able to win the day and peace was restored. They were known as the legendary heroes of seven and were celebrated throughout all the three kingdoms. However, only a short time later, the darkness everyone thought was banished once again rose from the depths of hell and threatened to destroy all of humanity as we know it.

People tried to reach out to the legendary heroes of seven but quickly saw that even they could not save them. Those who remained in the public eye soon found scorn and even hatred and one by one, the heroes went missing or into hiding.

The leaders of the Three Kingdoms rallied together for a summit. Messengers were dispatched to every corner of Elanthia but many of them have not returned. With each passing moment, the population begins to dwindle because of death, sickness or famine. Hope has not been uttered from the lips of any living being for a long time.

House Rules:

All skills and spells must be learned from a trainer upon leveling up (either by paying gold, learning them from another NPC or so forth). Sorcerers do not need to pay to learn spells as they learn them innately.

Wizards begin the game with the “Spell Mastery” bonus feat. The wizard is assumed to be holding the spellbook (and holding or wearing the bonded item) while casting.

Wizards will not have the weapon proficiencies for any ranged weapon (such as bows and crossbows). This is in effect even if they have a racial qualifier for the proficiency.

Wizards may not choose “Transmutation” as their specialization but may choose it as their opposing school if they do specialize.

Sorcerers may not choose the Draconic Bloodline.

Clerics and Druids: instead of already knowing all of the spells, their knowledge of spells will be similar to a wizard, I.e. They will know all 0 level spells and choose 3 level 1 spells and will not need to meditate beforehand but will be able to cast them at the moment provided they are holding their holy symbol.

Bonus awards are awarded after every session. This is to encourage the imagination and resourcefulness of each player involved in the session. The number of awards given out that night will be determined by the number of players divided by 2 rounded down. The type of award will be rolled at random by the DM. Once the award has been chosen, there will be nominations by the players and the winner will be chosen by a vote. However, if the vote is undecided, then the DM will choose the winner. If nobody qualifies for the bonus award rolled, then nobody will receive the bonus award for that playing session.

Bonus award categories:

1. Roleplaying award – The person who kept to his/her character the best or left the metagame out of the game.
2. Einstein award – Solving the toughest puzzle or riddle or getting out of a tough spot using your head.
3. Jester award – Making the funniest joke or act in game or out.
4. Good Samaritan award – Most helpful or act of good or giving something of high value to another player or NPCs or saving a life.
5. Cunning Linguist award – Able to extract additional information or change the mind of an NPC or talked them into something (without the use of magical augmentation).
6. Brilliancy award – Did something in game that was genius or clever or cool
7. Booby prize award – Worst luck of them all
8. Got skillz award – Use of a skill in an imaginative or new way to solve or get around a problem
9. Bloodthirsty award – Most final blows on genuine enemy NPCs
10. Parkour award – Use of an environment or an item (that it’s not specifically designed to do) for the betterment of the player’s situation.
11. Daring Do award – Trying to do something original or interesting.
12. Maiming award – Lots of hits but not actually killing genuine enemy NPCs

Devils will Cry

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